Who is the Richest Poker Player Ever?

Doyle Brunson

Legendary Doyle Brunson is worth seventy five million dollars. He is in the Poker Hall of Fame, but he is not the richest player ever.

One must begin with a caveat while discussing net worth of professional poker players. Many pros have amassed significant wealth by winning at major tournaments and also playing poker at various other places, from land based casinos to online at Pokerace99. The net worth of each of the richest poker players is not solely due to these winnings. Many players have other professions or businesses. Some players have successfully monetized their fame, post their victories at competitions such as the World Series of Poker.

This take on the richest poker player ever excludes those who were already wealthy when they became pros or regulars at the game. We are only focusing on the few professional poker players that did not have much wealth when they began, but became millions due to the game and what they did after.

  • The richest poker player ever is probably Sam Farha. He has a net worth of a hundred million dollars. Young players and poker enthusiasts may not know much about him as he is one of the older hands at the game. He did not win at any of the main events of the World Series of Poker. His career best is emerging runner-up in 2003. Reportedly, he has minted more than two and a half million dollars at different poker tournaments. What stands out for this man is how he has leveraged the profile he created over the years to make much more. He is the spokesperson of the casino at Harrah’s Las Vegas. He appeared on High Stakes Poker that is broadcast on the Game Show Network. He was on the show for four seasons.
  • Sam Farha is not alone at the top spot. Phil Ivey is also reportedly worth a hundred million dollars. There are many that believe Ivey is richer than Farha. Phil Ivey has won the World Series of Poker as many as ten times. He has made around twenty million dollars at live tournaments. What makes him richer, probably, than Farha is his income from Tiltware, of which Full Tilt Poker is a subsidiary. Ivey was once making nearly a million dollars every month for his association with the brand.

Whether you are playing at a casino or online at Pokerace99, you too can aim for riches if you master the skills and have the right strategy. Poker has created many millionaires over the years. Chris Ferguson is worth eighty million dollars. He has bagged more than six and a half million at poker tournaments, including his 2000 win at the main event of World Series of Poker.

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