5 Online casino games you haven’t heard about, but should try

Online casino games

Check out our set of five unknown, but very cool casino online offers. Test these weird, but very attractive gambling products you can find in the companies that prefer more original and interesting portfolios.

Your casino online experience might be strictly limited to poker during the weekends, slots in the late evenings and weekly sport bets, but hey, why so serious? Everyone needs some diversification no matter what hobby he practices and loves.

We want to challenge you with a couple of completely new gambling offers. Below, you can see 5 casino games that are available in the internet and you might have never heard about, but should try.

Check the details about each of them now and try them as soon as possible. You will love them, no doubts.

  1. Faro. It’s a kind of a card game and it has plenty to show you that might intrigue you to change your entire gambling strategy. Faro is about betting on the specific cards which the croupier will flip. You should predict if they are higher or lower, as well as the specific sequence of the cards after being flipped. Speaking of which, Faro reminds us of the roulette, because here the punters are allowed to place bets between cards on the faro dashboard.
  2. Tempeln. This is another card game that can be played either with 32 or with 52 cards. In Templen you place stakes on the specific cards that are expected to be drawn by the dealer.
  3. Yablon. Also known as a version of backgammon, the game includes dices and chips. It’s an amazing Casino online gameplay experience that includes numerous multiplayer options. In this game we have seen a lot of exotic bets you can actually place, so don’t hesitate to try it.
  4. Teen patti. This is a common Indian game, which though, apart from Asia, is very popular in some European countries. In this game the idea is to expand the betting pool and then to get the most successful hand of three hands. Note, though, that you will be given cards by the dealer only once.
  5. Casino war. This is one of the easiest casino online offers. The game has been popular for ages outside of the gambling world, but someone has decided to make a virtual real-money version of it. In casino war you only need to be dealt with the better rather than the other opponents’ cards or the computer card.

Try any of these awesome gambling products right away. Find a decent casino with various game offers and you will definitely meet any of these amazing products. We wish you luck! And don’t hesitate to share with us what you think about each of these games.

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