Top weird lottery coincidences of all time

Top weird lottery

Here are some togel coincidences that haven’t happened at but are true. Find out about the most weird things that have ever happened in the lottery world.

If you think that it’s a coincidence to see all of the exotic lotteries you have never played at one place, the platform from Asia, wait a bit and see what’s coming in our today’s material. As a matter of fact, lottery as a gambling game that seems to mostly depends on luck, keeps in its century-history a large set of memories, where coincidences just look to strange to believe they are not preliminarily settled. The history of lotteries, indeed, knows plenty of weird coincidences specialists still cannot explain, while gamblers still do not fully believe in. We will let you consider whether the following togel coincidences are not scenarios that had been made in advance. However, by all means, they are the strangest things that have ever happened in the sphere of lottery activity.

The 4-time lottery winner isn’t a ghost, but a real existing human being

They say lottery winner is a kind of idiom to determine a person who’s super lucky. However, when someone tells you he or she can win the lottery more than just once, things get a bit suspicious and you might consider it as anything else, but not a matter of luck. As a matter of fact, the woman from Texas, who has won a lottery not once or two, but four times, is considered to be the first person on the planet who can mathematically predict the togel numbers. And she definitely has something with her mind when choosing the numbers, especially when knowing that she’s a statistic specialist.

Can I play lottery with the same numbers over and over again?

If you ask this anybody, who claims to be lotto pro, the answer will be negative as long as this pro doesn’t live in Bulgaria. Because, as a matter of fact, in Bulgaria you can win the lottery with the same numbers two times in a row. We claim that, because back in the 2009th year it’s what happened and changed Bulgarian lottery forever. The numbers from the previous week appeared to be the numbers from the current week. Unfortunately, nobody won, though.

There are living journalists who can predict lottery numbers

Unfortunately, they don’t live in Asia and they might have never heard of As a matter of fact, they live in Canada and in the beginning of the 21st century they predicted the lucky numbers for the next week lottery session. Plus – they were kind enough to post the numbers in their Vancouver-based newspaper. The news went around the whole country and the police even started an investigation. There was a fraud, indeed, but it was in the “promise” for showing statistical mathematic way to predict numbers. Actually, no such a method had never been used, because the predicted numbers were taken from other passed drawing sessions. 

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