Rewards That Casinos Offer to Existing Customers

Casinos Offer to Existing Customers

Existing customers enjoy plenty of rewards such as extra spins, match deposit bonuses, and special promos

You will find plenty of generous rewards that are offered by casinos to attract new players and turn them into loyal customers. But is there anything in store for regular players who frequent betting platforms? The good news is that online providers feature a plethora of incentives and promos to keep customers coming back. Below are some of them.

Extra Spins

If you are a slot enthusiast, this is a bonus feature that you get if you land a specific combination. You will not pay anything extra for a bonus round.

Rewards for High Rollers

High rollers are regular players who bet large amounts of money, and casinos offer generous comps to ensure that they stay with them. They are offered luxurious suites, limousine use, free private jet transfers, the best fine dining establishments, and other incentives.  High rollers also enjoy front-row show tickets, VIP nightclub tables, and expensive liquor. Unlike other players, they also get special loss rebates.

Special Promotion Bonuses

These promo bonuses are often offered to make players try the latest releases. They can choose from a selection of games such as roulette, live poker, blackjack, and slots titles that have just been released. For togel Singapore players also have quite a few options to explore with legit operators. In general, special promotion bonuses can be in the form of free ships, cash deposits, free spins, cash prizes, giveaways, and more.

Match Deposit Bonuses

These incentives are offered to players who often visit casinos as to reward them for their loyalty. Basically, the betting platform matches up the deposit made up to a certain percentage. If the percentage is set at 175 and you deposit $100, then the casino will give you $175 for free, totaling up to $275.

Other types of rewards include sticky and exclusive bonuses, the latter being in the form of exclusive deals, no deposit bonuses, or free spins.

Rewards and Requirements

When choosing from different platforms and gaming options on offer, it pays to carefully read the terms and find more about the wagering requirements, expiration dates, and games that you are allowed to play. Whether you are offered free spins, special promos, or match up bonuses, always read the fine print.

Using a Casino Calculator

Some casinos also offer handy online calculators to help players calculate how much they need to bet before they are allowed to withdraw their winnings. You enter details such as game contribution percentage, wagering requirements, percentage deposit bonus, and deposit amount and get the amount to bet, total play money, and free bonus money. Total play money refers to the total amount you have to bet. Free bonus money is the amount the platform offers on top of the deposit you make. Online calculators are handy in that they help users to determine whether different bonuses are worth their money and time.

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