No poker pro would ever tell you these secrets

poker pro

Do you know any professional poker? Is he your friend or since you started playing poker, too, you have realized how scrooge and mean he could be. Well, don’t expect anybody to share his or her know-how. Especially from a gambler.

But we are not gamblers. And we know some things that poker pros also know, but will never tell you. Here are some of them:

  1. A poker win has never been about getting good cards. Your friend does look at his cards. Please, don’t get us wrong. What he also does, though, is to think about many other factors rather than only for the cards – his position, his opponents, the stage of the poker cash game and the odds at the table. That’s why he’s a pro.
  2. When you bluff you should remain a liar till the end of the game. The gambler who shows even once in his life the cards from a won bluffed hand would never be able to use it again. Even if daftar idn poker in a new website. He’ll be exposed forever.
  3. Aces are great, but they can be folded, too. For a reason! The secret here is not to evaluate your hand with an ace or two precisely. The idea is that folding is neither forbidden, nor a bad thing. Folding actually means full concentration thanks to which you have quickly measured the risk and discovered that this hand does not worth the risk (which is your bet stake).
  4. Luck is something that you create, but does not fall out from the sky. In poker, you literally become the luck builder of your own. Everything matters for this luck. And we have even mentioned one of these things – the place you decide to play poker games is a choice you will make and you will definitely affect your luck with. The rest factors are like having solid budget management system, feeling what the right poker format is for you, etc.
  5. Technologies are not so bad. 5G will not kill us. Bill Gates does not chip us. And online poker websites are cool. You might have already discovered this. What you will also discover if you check out the list with the top innovations in digital poker services, is a bunch of software products for automatic poker playing, systems that recognize poker scams and many more.

Poker pros might be too tight about sharing such secrets. Thankfully, we are. Use them as your starting kit for your absolutely new online poker beginning. Good luck!

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