How K9Win Solidifies Its Reputation

K9Win Solidifies

Though primarily known as an “Online Casino Singapore Portal,” K9Win is also recognized as a company that facilitates events and various welfare programs that have been helping a lot of people and social groups as well in the years of its existence. Truly, K9Win doesn’t only focus on the financial revenue it can attain from people, but also on the benefits that it can give back to humanity. Here are some of the company’s recent undertakings that can prove it:

Hosting charity events for kids

Online casinos, as well as any other institutions related to it are often known to be associated with “shady practices.” But with K9Win however, they are proving to the world that you don’t have to be really linked to having a bad reputation whenever your company is known to promote gambling.

Time and time again, the company has been known to share some of its revenues to charity groups in which children and orphans are provided with the goods and stuff they need, so they get along with life well. People might think that what they’re giving is “unclean money,” but their beneficiaries highly think that it is just funds released and absorbed with “pure and noble intentions.”

Choosing a footballer ambassador

Just recently, it has entered into an ambassador program deal with Nemanja Vidić, the retired captain of the Football team Manchester United. Believing in the athlete’s personal advocacy that it can personify the company’s goals, K9Win has chosen Mr. Vidic as its “Big Brand” promoter and influencer.

Acknowledging the fact that the Football star has been the reason for many of Manchester United’s triumphs over the years, Jurgen Muller, the company’s marketing manager has great faith in Vidic as someone who can push K9Win into greater heights not only within the online casino industry but on the entirety of the gambling business as well. “Being a tough player, and as one of the legends of Manchester United, Vidic is the perfect ambassador for us,” Muller declares.

Ensuring the efficacy of their tech support

On their website, clients, as well as anyone who wishes to inquire about the company’s services and features is taken care of by their tech support team. That frontline service of their company handles aspects like customer care, customer complaints, and customer relations. In addition to that, they also have a telemarketing department that tackles tasks that are related to promoting K9Win’s latest features and promotions for the amusement of more potential clients.

They also have a department focused only on in-depth research about how the clients think, and what their true needs and preferences. Mr. Hugo Fernandez, K9Win’s founder is very firm with his claim that they really take customer inquiries seriously. To support that, the marketing head further declares that whenever they receive query data, they analyze it thoroughly and use it to improve the platform’s navigation interface, service programs, and over-all structure.

Such are their ways of keeping up with the competitiveness of the online casino business, and so that they can maintain the partnerships they have amassed.

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