Casinos Need a Facelift to Keep the Betting Crowds Happy

Keep the Betting Crowds Happy

Many casinos begin to diversify their gaming options to offer players games involving more interaction

Casinos offer a variety of video games to attract younger players and keep them entertained. The idea is to have a variety of arcade-style and skill-based games such as racing and shooters that feel and look like console video versions. They can be player versus player, cooperative, or players against the house, instead of having hundreds of slot machines. Instead, you will find areas that feature specialized themes. Casinos welcome this change in the hope of attracting a younger demographic of visitors. The reason is that while resorts and hotels upgraded their facilities and amenities to lure in more players, more people are making use of them than actually betting.

Why Casinos Need a Facelift

Visitors of casino resorts and hotels now have access to sporting events, entertainment, spa treatments, fine dining and casual restaurants, and nightclubs. Data shows that casino revenue has declined compared to total revenue during the last 20 years. One reason is that the majority of visitors are younger (for example Millennials) while the majority of customers who play slots are 50 or over. While casino resorts had a facelift, with plenty of amenities added, slot machines look pretty much the same as in the 1980s. You place coins, press a button, and hope to win. Casinos can benefit from adding a variety of game types, from more traditional such as sgp hari ini and Trente et Quarante to games that look more like mobile and console video games. The fact is that new games that are based on interaction attract younger players as they seem to meet emotional demand. Experts point to the fact that Millennials or Generation Y grew up in an era of technology, social media, and digital games. They find slot machines too passive to play and want to see more interactive games being added.

To this, some casinos are already working with game developers that are interested in creating more interactive video games for them. One example is a casino operator working with the Australian game developer Wicked Witch to create a casino format of Catapult King, a 3D fantasy adventure game that has been downloaded more than 30 million times.

Casinos also began introducing e-sports betting opportunities to lure in more players. Visitors are welcome to join competitive tournaments and play video games. This is pretty much like a casino sportsbook where players have the option to choose from StarCraft and other e-sports or wager on the NBA playoffs. Some experts, however, argue against the introduction of video games, pointing to the fact that failure in games makes players try harder and master new skills. When games have a gambling component, they no longer bring psychological benefits for players. Casino operators, on the other hand, claim that video games are more about fun and entertainment.

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