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Posted by xeoflex
TCOOP is the online tournament series for players who like their action fast. It
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on Thursday, 12 January 2012
in Rakeback Sessions

First Session is All About Warming Up

As noted our starting bankroll is a 100 euro, starting with the right amount is vital, choosing the right limit and table is also vital. I had a quick  look around on Yachting Poker and there is not to many tables to choose from, I do find 1 table with 1 player in the Omaha section of the client. Omaha is my favorite game and I can also play heads up. Some more player might show up and make it interesting.

Limit's are 10/20 cents so I sit down with 25 euro it is 1/4 of my budget not a wise decision but with no table selection it will have to do.

We play for about 10 minutes when I over play a pair of AA and lost half my stack. I decide not to reload my stack and play short instead. I do manage to win it back with some good bluffing. A bit later I change my play as my opponent is playing aggressive, I decide to slow play, next hand I hit top two pairs ace and queen, he is betting hard and I am playing slow the turn. Trap works he bets big - then I make my move and push. He calls. I am ahead as he only has a smaller two pair Q and 4. River is a 4 and he makes a full house meaning my stack is gone.

I know I can take him and I am feeling warmed up.

I decide to reload with another 25 euro.

We play for another 40 minutes. I am now play passive, waiting for the right hand.
I finally win most of my stack back when I slow play a set of 2's.
Player leaves.

I am still down 10 euro during my first session. 

Second session is going to be about winning that back

Here we go...

This time I find a donkey on a NLH 5/10 cents table. He has 5 euro so I sit down with 10. First hand he raises, I re raise with a AQ he folds. Second hand 33 and then a set on the flop. Donkey bets I smooth call. On the turn he pushes call, I win he leaves table.

Now I am only down 5 euro.

Can I break even...

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TCOOP is the online tournament series for players who like their action fast. It runs from January 19-29, 2012, with a guaranteed prize pool of $10,000,000 awarded over 50 events. The schedule includes Turbo and Hyper Turbo tournaments, with buy-ins ranging from $5.50-$2,100. The highlight is the $1,500,000 guaranteed Main Event, and you can qualify now.