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Posted by mypokeracademy
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on Thursday, 12 January 2012
in My Poker Academy

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My Poker Academy offers you the possibility to meet like minded players at all levels, discuss your strategies and help improve your game. Get inside information and advanced poker training.

The Poker Academy is a free online poker portal specializing in No Limit Texas Hold'em. It is made up of five main subject areas - basic poker, getting started, position play, strategies, and psychology. The site also contains a poker forum. We will help you to gradually improve your poker skills through a series of tasks, such as creating your own poker blogs. Upload photo's of your wins or your favorite poker video.

Discussion is a key aspect of the community, share your thought's, concept and ideas or just trash talk with your friends.

Tip of the day
The secret of poker is not about winning a lot of pots, it is knowing when to fold.      
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